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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development information & British Values

SMSC & British Values 2018-2019

Life Development Overview 2018-2019

We aim to nurture and develop the whole person so that they contribute positively as responsible and considerate future global citizens.

To do this the school through the curriculum, extra-curricular opportunities and the guidance we provide, supports the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all our students.

We support our students’ spiritual development by:
Allowing them to explore their own and others beliefs about life
Developing a fascination and enjoyment of the world around them
Showing interest and respect for others’ feelings and values

We encourage students’ spiritual development by:
Allowing students to use their imagination and creativity
Encouraging expression
And asking students to be willingly reflective about their experiences

We support our students’ moral development by:
Ensuring students recognise right from wrong and that they develop an understanding that there are consequences to their actions

We encourage students’ moral development by:
Allowing students to give their views about moral and ethical issues in a supportive environment

We support our students’ social development by:
Encouraging an ability in students to work with others who are different from them
Working with students to willingly co-operate and resolve conflicts

We encourage students’ social development by:
Allowing student to develop an interest and understanding of the ways different communities express themselves

We support our students’ cultural development by:
Ensuring students develop an understanding of what has shaped their own and other communities
Encouraging a willingness to respond to a variety of experiences

We encourage students’ cultural development by:
Encouraging students to willingly participate in, and respond to cultural opportunities.  This includes: artistic, musical, sporting, mathematical, technological, scientific and cultural opportunities
We actively aim to develop students to show respect and appreciation for those who are different to themselves.

Justice, equality and inclusion.
We are an inclusive school, we aim to celebrate differences and diversity whenever possible and ensure that all students have an equality of access.  Justice in school ensures everyone has what is right and fair. We act out of concern for each other in our school community as well as the world in which we live. Working for equality, inclusion and justice encourages all of us to have hope for the future.

At Selby High School we strive to show compassion in all we do, by being thoughtful to the needs of others in our school community and beyond.

Highlights Booklet 2018-2019

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British Values

Click here to view the Selby High School Vision and Aims including British Values statement of aims and values.

To encourage appreciation of the democratic process, we ran a mock EU referendum in June 2016 with all students having an opportunity to cast a vote. It was a close call . . . 

With a 56% majority of SHS students voting to remain.

Curriculum Information Page

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