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Selby High School

Selby High School


Knowledge Organisers

A Knowledge Rich Curriculum at Selby High School

Research around memory suggests that if knowledge is studied once and not revisited or revised, it is not stored in the long-term memory.  This means that after one lesson, or revising for one test, the knowledge will not be retained unless it is studied again.  It won’t be recalled unless it is revisited frequently, which will embed it in the long term memory.  In the long term this makes recall far easier.  As part of home learning, students should be revising what they have been taught recently but also content they were taught previously.  Therefore as part of our strategy to embed learning over time we have started to develop knowledge organisers across all year groups and curriculum areas. These will provide key content and knowledge  allowing students to pre-learn and re-learn, a vital part of processing all the information required to be successful in the new style GCSE’s.

Instructions for using your knowledge organisers


Year 7
Half Term 1:    Drawing skills
Half Term 2:    Composition & Still Life
Half Term2/3:  Cubism

Design & Technology

Food Technology

Year 7
Skills knowledge
Further skills knowledge
Eatwell Guide

Year 8 
Food Choices
Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural

Year 9
Nutrition knowledge
Commodity Sheets

Year 10
Service & establishments 

Product Design

Year 7

Year 8


Year 7



Year 7
Introduction Activities

Year 8
Script Activities
Stanislavski & Activities
Knife Crime & Activities
Comedy & Activities

Years 9, 10 & 11
Presenting & Performing Texts
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers revision notes


Year 7 Half Term 2

Year 7 Half Term 3
Narrative Poetry & Ballads

KS3 Writing Skills
Writing Skills

English Language: Reading
English Language: Writing
An Inspector Calls
Power & Conflict Poetry
Romeo & Juliet



Year 7
Half Term 1:  What is Geography
Half Term 1:  UK general knowledge
Half Term 2:  Restless Earth
Half Term 3:  Population

Half Term 4:  Rocks

Years 9-11
1.  Physical landscapes in the UK
2.  Challenge of natural hazards
3.  Urban issues & challenges
4.  The living world
5.  Resource management
6.  The changing economic world



Year 7
Who had control in Middle Ages
What is History & School Badge

Who had control in Middle Ages: Impact of the Normans
Medieval Religion & Government
What was Medieval life like

Religion 16th & 17th Centuries
Renaissance Life
English Civil War

British Empire

Year 8
Cold War

Year 10
Norman Revision

World War 1: Causes
World War 1: Stalemate
World War 1: End of War

American West: Part 1
American West: Part 2
American West: Part 3

Information Technology

Year 7 
Information Technology

Life Development

Year 7
Life Development Unit 1

Religious Education
Unit 1: Belief
Unit 2: Who is Jesus?
Unit 3: Hinduism
Unit 4: Sikhism
Unit 5: Environment

Year 8

Year 10
Theme A: Religion & Relationships
Theme B: Religion & Life
Theme C: Islam Practices
Theme D: Religion, Peace & Conflict
Theme E: Crime & Punishment



Year 7
Introduction to Music


Physical Education

Year 7
Badminton & Handball
Football, Rugby & Volleyball
Netball & Hockey



Year 7
Chemistry Part 1
Chemistry Part 2
Physics Part 1
Physics Part 2
This is Science

Year 11 Physics
1: Energy
2: Electricity
3: Particle model of matter
4: Atomic Structure



Year 7
Unit 1: Vamos
Unit 2: Mi Familia y yo
Unit 3: En el instituto