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Selby High School

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Contact details
Name : Mrs J Mackey
Position : Acting Faculty Leader for Science
Acting Curriculum Area Leader for Science
Email address :


  • To deliver engaging lessons which allow all students to be stretched yet feel able to achieve. Students should feel supported and have the confidence to take risks and work independently in the pursuit of excellence.
  • To enhance the experience of students at Selby High School and expand their horizons, through a wide variety of courses, trips and activities which promote a lifelong love of learning.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development information

Course information/Programme of study/focus including useful links
Students study a range of topics which encompass a wide range of teaching activities which include practical investigations, using ICT, linking science principles to the real world etc. We develop links with other departments such as CSI linked with the English department and incorporate cross curricular skills such as independent learning and creativity, in addition to developing their literacy and numeracy. Students are assessed using APP tasks and end of unit test. In addition we now carry out a formal end of year examinations in year 7,8 & 9 to prepare students for the new linear format external assessment, as well as providing accurate data for tracking and monitoring student progress.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Thinking in Science

The Living World

Mechanics and Motion

Living Things

Living Body

Chemical Reactions


Elements, Compounds & Mixtures

Body Care

Solids, Liquids & Gases


Variation & Inheritance

Forces and Magnets


Electricity and Electromagnetism


Acids and Alkalis


Course information/Programme of study/focus including exam board links and other useful links
As a Specialist School for Science we offer a diverse range of courses at KS4, which allows us to personalise the science curriculum to the student’s needs and provide engaging and enriching lessons. The GCSE system is undergoing considerable changes and we are now in the process of moving to a linear format assessment (with the exception of the current year 10 and 11) which will be composed of a 75% final exam and 25% controlled assessment.

AQA Science A GCSE
AQA Additional Science GCSE
AQA Biology GCSE
AQA Chemistry GCSE
AQA Physics GCSE
AQA Human Health & Physiology GCSE
Edexcel Astronomy GCSE

Clubs / Extra Curricular Activities, visits and trips

Some examples of trips we run are:-

York University Chemistry at Work
Top of the Bench
Kielder Astronomy Trip
York Science Museum Live
York University Physics at Work
Science Live Lectures
National Space Centre
Lunch time club: Science Ambassadors