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Selby High School

Selby High School

Y7 Enterprise Day 2015

On Tuesday 17th November, Year 7 students took part in an Enterprise Challenge co-ordinated by NYBEP. These days are designed to stretch students and give them an opportunity to try something that they wouldn’t normally do in lessons. As part of a business team, they were given job roles and responsibilities which had to be co-ordinated by student leaders in order to reach a common goal. 

This year students were developing a brand new chocolate based Christmas Tree Decoration.

Within the task students had to:

  • Cost how much ingredients and resources would be and how these choices would impact sales
  • “Purchase” any items that they would need for the chocolate and the packaging
  • Create the chocolates by melting it, adding ingredients and then cooling it within a mould
  • Create the packaging
  • Create marketing and merchandise materials
  • Write a business plan for the whole team. 

A fantastic day was had by all, including excited Year 7’s and competitive teaching staff! The overall winners were Group 5, led by Miss Iqbal, who added a charity element to their marketing campaign by donating 20% of all profits to Children in Need.

Year 8 will be completing a similar challenge in the Spring term.