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Selby High School

Selby High School


Solar Eclipse mania hits Selby High School

Solar Eclipse 2015 was greeted with passionate enthusiasm across Selby High School as students, visiting governors and staff made the most of almost perfect viewing conditions for the whole astronomical spectacle. A range of activities took place throughout school to engage as many students as possible in this incredible event.

Mr Birchall, science teacher, enthralled his class with the use of our Solarscope projector and taught his students how to make some simple pinhole cameras out of a sheet of paper. Form tutors and the ICT department ran live BBC feeds on screens across school and special solar eclipse viewing glasses appeared from nowhere and were shared liberally in classrooms, corridors and playgrounds.

Mr Milson and Miss Gorton arranged a special viewing opportunity for Astronomers, Physicists and Science Ambassadors. Various pieces of equipment were used to project the eclipse and record some valuable data. ‘I was pretty certain we were going to be shrouded in cloud for the whole event,’ said Science and Astronomy teacher Mr Milson, ‘so was delighted everything went so well’. He then quipped ‘I’m not sure what’s rarer, clear skies for a solar eclipse or one of my Physics practicals working properly!’.

Mr Eckersley, Headteacher, was delighted the Selby area met with such fantastic weather for the event and praised staff and students for the buzz around school. ‘It was incredible to see so many students eagerly taking part in this rare event. I’m delighted that our science specialism and resources from the Astronomy GCSE enabled us to bring the event to life. I am confident that many of our students will remember this for the rest of their lives’.