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Selby High School

Selby High School

Selby High School GCSE Results 2014

Once again, Selby High School is celebrating after establishing some excellent new records amidst the volatility of this year’s GCSE examinations and results.

Headteacher Mr Paul Eckersley paid tribute to,  “The hard work of students and staff in producing results which saw students exceed our extremely challenging target for students expected to achieve the top grades of A*-A by 50%!! This is a wonderful achievement despite the uncertainties around the continuing change in the style of examinations that are now the annual order of the day.”

He went on to say, “Normally, I don’t like to single subjects out for special mention the outstanding performance of the 100 % A*-C pass rate in biology, chemistry and physics, together with 81% and 76% of students attaining those top grades in mathematics and history respectively, are superb. Equal recognition should be given to the fabulous performance of individual students, some of which are highlighted below.”

Laura Hague               9A*s and 2As

Emily Wilson               8A*s and 3As

Ellie Detheridge          7A*s and 4As

Alysia Hanshaw           7A*s and 3As

Eleanor Morton          6A*s and 4As

Matthew Holliday       5A*s and 5As

Natalie Jones             5A*s and 4As

Jack Morgan               5A*s and 3As

Rosie Hutton               5A*s and 1A

Hannah Berzins           4A*s and 5As


In addition, the following five students: Reuben Bennie, Jonathan Black, Dylan Bushby, Emily Fox and Sarah Huggins, together with one other student, were not only celebrating their GCSE results, but the fantastic achievement of not having a single day off in the five years they were at Selby High School.

Paul Eckersley said, “100% attendance during each of their five years at the school is simply remarkable and yet another example of aiming for and achieving the gold standard.”