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Selby High School

Selby High School

Routes into Languages Adpot-a-class scheme

Miss Harwood’s new GCSE Spanish class in September (9C/EP1) is set to be “adopted” by a student from Leeds Beckett University as part of the Routes into Languages scheme. Her name is Laureena Adhya and she has just finished the second year of a Spanish and International Relations degree. She is due to spend her Year Abroad in Murcia, southeast Spain where she will be working as a Foreign Language Assistant (English) in a school. She will also immerse herself in Spanish culture and will adopt the Spanish lifestyle: tapas, siesta and sun!

9C/EP1 will work with Laureena throughout years 9 and 10 of their GCSE course. Laureena has sent a comprehensive PowerPoint which details her journey so far with Spanish which Miss Harwood will deliver on her behalf. She is also keen to send email blogs, postcards from the different places she visits and tweets to the year class as a way of keeping in touch with them during her year in Murcia.

She is then due to come in to one of the classes’ lessons at the beginning of her final year to deliver a presentation on her Year Abroad and field any questions students may have. She has even mentioned teaching a lesson on Murcia to the students upon her return.

Miss Harwood and the soon-to-be 9C wish Laureena the best of luck with her Year Abroad and can’t wait to hear about her adventures!

Follow Laureena’s journey on Twitter: @Laureena_A