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Selby High School

Selby High School

Eurofest 2015

On Monday 18th May, 62 year 8 students participated in the Eurofest semi-final held in ML1 and ML2. There were a variety of groups of four students who had designed and marketed a product to sell in Spanish and French and several pairs of students who had done work towards a tourist information stand on a Spanish or French town or city of their choice. The hard work put in by students was absolutely fantastic; the French and Spanish spoken during the semi-final was of a really high quality and it was a pleasure for the MFL department to see so many of our students thriving across all abilities. The following students are our 20 Eurofest 2015 finalists who will be competing in an inter-schools competition to be held at Selby College on Thursday 25th June. They will be competing against year 8 students from Brayton High School, The Holy Family School, Carlton and The Snaith School. We wish them well!

They are:

Tourism stand - Spanish
Oliwia Kasza M4
Ellie Naylor M1

Product design – Spanish – group 1
Gabriella dalla Pria P2
Frankie Fothergill G6
Kai Mortimer P4
Maddi Young M1

Product design – Spanish – group 2
Amelia Taylor G8
Bethany Reay G8
Molly Whitaker G5
Olivia Peacock H6

Tourism stand - French
Harry Rowley M6
Jordan Winters P3

Product design – French – group 1
Amber Clayton H2
Eleanor Harris P2
Molly Noott P6
Olivia Sharp H7

Product design – French – group 2
Flossie Smith M9
Laura Putane H8
Leila Edwards G5
Molly Shackshaft M7