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Selby High School

Selby High School

Homework 2015-16

Art 7 Formal Elements w/c 12th Oct
Art 8 Surrealism w/c 2nd Nov
Art 7 Cubism w/c 18th Jan
Art 8 Surrealist Portrait w/c 11th Jan
Computer Technology 7 One story, different views w/c 5th Oct
Computer Technology 8 Computer Hardware w/c 9th Nov
Computer Technology 7 Learning Binary w/c 11th Jan 
Computer Technology 8 Computer Languages w/c 18th Jan
Design & Technology  7  Health & Safety  w/c 28th Sept 
Design & Technology 8 Packaging w/c 4th Jan
Geography 8 Rivers w/c 12th Oct
History How did black people fight for equal rights in the 1950's & 1960's

 w/c 2nd Nov

Specific dates to be given by class teacher

History 7 Monasteries - local history

w/c 30th Nov

History 7 Make your own medieval castle

w/c 14th Dec


Task 1 - Working down a mine

Task 2 - Turnpike fever

Task 3 - The Railway Age

Task will be set by teacher

w/c 4th Jan 
Science 8 Space in the News  w/c 5th Oct
Science 8 The Web of Life w/c 23rd Nov
Science 7 Science Fair w/c 30th Nov