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Selby High School

Selby High School

Welcome to the Careers page 

To access more careers advice, please click here

Events: Autumn 2020

Careers Presentations

Date Year Group Organisation
Wednesday 11/11/2020 Year 11 New College Pontefract
Wednesday 18/11/2020 Year 11 York College
Wednesday 25/11/2020 Year 11 Fulford 6th Form
Virtual Open Evening
Wednesday 2/12/2020 Year 11 Askham Bryan
Wednesday 9/12/2020 Year 11 Bishop Burton
Wednesday 13/01/2021 Year 11 Selby College Apprenticeships
Wednesday 20/01/2021 Year 11 University of Law
Wednesday 10/02/2021 Year 11 Askham Bryan Sports studies
Wednesday 10/03/2021 Year 11 Pocklington School
Wednesday 24/03/2021 Year 11 Royal Marines
Wednesday 14/04/2021 Year 11 Army

College Presentation Questions

Read School Sixth Form Prospectus

Pocklington School Admissions
Pocklington School Scholarships & Bursaries

Pocklington School Fee Assistance

Access Creative College: Book onto a virtual meet & greet, open day or taster day

Selby College Open Events (Website)
Selby College 2021-22 Prospectus

Askham Bryan College: What's On
Askham Bryan College Application Form

The University of Law: Virtual Criminal Investigation Day

UCAS: Personal Statement Advice for 2021 Applications

Selby College Principal from Selby High School on Vimeo.

Selby College from Selby High School on Vimeo.


Derwent Training Virtual Open Evening taking place on Thursday 26th November between 6pm and 7pm. All attendees interested will need to register via Eventbrite:

The evening will either take place via Zoom or Google Teams but all registered attendees will receive an email with information before the event.

The session will allow attendees to learn about Engineering Apprenticeships; the different disciplines available and the opportunity to hear from apprentices about their own experience. There will then be presentations from member of staff with a Q&A session at the end.

If you cannot attend, sessions will be available on their website and YouTube after the event.


Derwent Training Careers Presentation (PDF) 

Bishop Burton Digital Prospectus 

Bishop Burton Introductory video for parents/carers

We are a friendly and supportive college, with our students at the heart of all we do. 

If your young person has not yet visited one of our virtual open events our next event is on Saturday 9th January 10am or Tuesday 9th February 5pm booking for the event can be made here. As these events are virtual you too can join along with your young person. (Only your son/daughter needs to register) 

The event has staff available, via live chat, to answer all your questions, such as information about our courses and facilities, transport, funding, student support, industry links and why we are one of the best land-based colleges in the country and much more.

We also have live subject presentations and a chance for you to see the campus using 3D imagery and watch our staff videos.

If you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate contact our student recruitment team



VFX Meet The Industry - November 2020 online series


The Careers Team

Senior Leadership Lead

 Mrs Joanne Carter-Mills

Director of Careers & Work Based Learning

  • Careers education
  • Employer engagement
  • Work Experience co-ordinator

Mr Simon Birkenshaw


Tel: 01757 244847 or 01757 703327

Work Experience Administrator Miss Jenny Morley
Independent Careers Adviser Mrs Julie Fearn
Careers Support Advisor
PSHCEE co-ordinator  Mrs Hannah Harrison

 Careers Education at Selby High School

At Selby High School we provide students with a wide range of careers education opportunities from Year 7 right through to Year 11. Our Life Development curriculum has specific career based units of work, with identified learning objectives, outcomes and related activities. Alongside this students have a number of opportunities to experience work related activities both within the school environment and through external visits.

We employ an independent careers advisor who is based in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) and provides students with 1:1 careers support, advice, and guidance through an appointment system and drop in sessions.

Further information and detail can be found in the schools Careers Guidance Policy which can be accessed here.

External Providers

Please find further information in our Provider Access Policy on how to come into school to talk to our students about your service.

 New Careers Statutory Guidance

The DfE released a new statutory guidance document in January 2018, including a number of new requirements for school careers programmes, most of which are to be met by the end of 2020. Most of the requirements are already met at Selby High School, but we are working towards those that are not.

The most immediate requirement is for all schools to have a policy for 'Provider Access'  that sets out the arrangements for managing the access of providers to students at the school for the purposes of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer.  At Selby High School we have always encouraged this and, as a result, we work with a wide range of organisations already but we are always looking for opportunities to further broaden access to information, advice and guidance. We therefore welcome continued input from both existing and potential new partners alike. Please see our Provider Access Policy for further information. 

Our current careers policy can be found under the 'Our School' tab of our website, and our current careers entitlement for our students appears below.

Your Careers Entitlement

As a Selby High School student, this is what you can expect your careers programme to look like, based around the government's Gatsby Benchmarks:


The eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Career Guidance Careers at Selby High School will provide, as a minimum, the following opportunities to meet this benchmark:
1. A stable careers programme

Your whole-school careers programme which:

  • Is written down: click here to view our Careers Policy
  • Is approved by the board of governors
  • Has the explicit backing of senior leadership: Careers Lead – Mrs Joanne Carter-Mills (Vice Principal)
  • Has resources allocated to it sufficient to meet the needs of a high-quality career advice and guidance programme for all of our students
  • Has systematic monitoring in place to ensure that the careers programme is meeting the needs of our students
  • Has both strategic and operational elements
  • Is published on our school's website - see our Careers Policy, our Life Development policy, and Work Experience Guidance and Procedure for further information 
  • Is on the school's website with information aimed specifically at:


Teachers - Spotlight on Careers

Employers - Provider Access Policy

Parents/Carers - Careers Newsletters 

2. Learning from career and labour market information
  • All year groups- compressive careers website, access to software e.g. KUDOS, well stocked careers area of the library
  • Year 11- every student is offered a 1:1 Careers interview with an independent CIAG advisor
  • Year 11 assembly programme presentations from external providers
  • Year 9-11 Yearly Careers Fair
3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • Provides additional careers guidance to vulnerable students and special educational needs and disability (SEND) students
  • Destination Data monitored by the Careers Lead
  • Year 7: Life Development; Choices, making informed decisions.
  • Year 8: Life Development; introduce students to the Kudos careers programme and opportunity to explore the changing job market. 
  • Year 9: Life Development; use of KUDOS and research.
  • Year 10: Life Development; creating a CV, making choices and personal finance.
  • Year 11: Careers; a series of presentations conducted by a variety of local colleges and providers explaining the number of courses and pathways that are available post 16, including apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Y11 students have the opportunity to fill in application forms with help where needed to apply for a college course for September 2019.
4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • Links to careers within subject lessons
  • Options assembly, evening and documentation
5. Encounters with employers and employees
  • Year 11 assembly programme presentations from a range of external providers
  • Year 9-11 Yearly Careers Fair
  • More able  Y11 trip to Cambridge University
  • Year 7 Enterprise Day
  • Year 8 Enterprise Day
  • Y10 Trip to Leeds University
  • Y9 Hull University trip
  • Year 10 Mock Interviews
  • More able KS4 Step Up with STEM
  • Year 9 Enterprise Day
  • Speed Dating with Industry: Year 10 students
  • Selby College Taster Day: Year 10 students
  • Work Experience: one-week work experience programme, Year 10 students
  • Pontefract New College taster day, Year 10 students
  • Careers Fair: Years 11, 10 and 9, evening event
6. Experiences of workplaces
  • Year 10 Block Work Experience
  • Year 10 Speed Networking with Industry
7. Encounters with further and higher education
  • Year 11 assembly programme presentations from external providers
  • Year 9-11 Yearly Careers Fair
  • Y10 Selby College taster day
  • Y10 Pontefract New College Taster day
  • Students supported to attend York College open day
  • University visits (variable) arranged for student groups depending on availability/opportunity
  • Young Careers supported to apply to Hull University residential experiences
8. Personal guidance
  • Year 10 Mock interviews with business partners
  • Year 11 AIM tutor mentoring weeks
  • On line Careers matching programmes e.g. KUDOS
  • Year 8 Options Evening with independent careers advisor available
  • Year 11 individual careers interviews with an independent advisor
  • All years- lunchtime drop in sessions with the independent careers advisor
Measuring/assessing Impact
  • Feedback from students, parents/carers/guardians, teachers and employers as part of the evaluation process
  • Feedback sheets after an event
  • Examine data to check whether there has been a change in progression routes over time
  • Reviewing the progression data for students leaving school
  • Survey students to determine how they rate the careers interview which they have had
  • NEET figures
  • Students maintaining destination figures
  • Analysis of student destinations compared against end of KS4 outcomes
Review Date Autumn 2019
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