The school policies listed below are available to view and download.

School policy guidelines are often updated and we will endeavour to keep the documents shown as up to date as possible.

All downloads are in PDF format and you will require Adobe Reader to view them.

Policy Information Description
Accessibility Plan Ratified September 2023
Acceptable Use Policy Ratified November 2022
Anti-Bullying Policy Ratified July 2023
Attendance Policy Ratified July 2023
Biometric Policy Ratified September 2022
Careers Programme Information Ratified July 2022
Charging & Remissions Policy  Ratified April 2023
Child Protection Policy Ratified November 2023
Child Protection Manual Child Protection Manual 2023
Complaints Policy Ratified March 2024
Data Protection Policy Ratified September 2022
Drugs & Substance Misuse Policy Ratified March 2023
Emergency Procedures - Information for Parents, Carers & Guardians Updated January 2023
Examinations Policy

Ratified April 2024

Exclusions Policy Ratified September 2023
Health & Safety Policy Ratified March 2023
Hire of School Premises & Facilities Ratified September 2023
Home School Agreement Ratified July 2021
Managing serial & unreasonable complaints policy Ratified April 2024
Online Safety Policy Ratified September 2023
Parents, Carers & Visitor Behaviour Policy Ratified November 2023
Positive Relational Behaviour Policy Ratified September 2023
Premises Management Policy Added November 2022
Provider Access Policy Statement 2023-2024
Relationship & Sex Education Policy Ratified January 2024
Remote Learning Policy Ratified January 2021
SEND Policy Ratified November 2023
SEND Information Report 2023-2024

Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy

Statement on students who cannot attend school because of health needs

Ratified April 2024
Values Curriculum Policy Ratified March 2021
Visitors to School Policy Ratified November 2023
Wellbeing & SEMH Policy Ratified January 2023
Whistleblowers Policy Ratified January 2023
Whole School Food Policy Ratified September 2022
Work Experience Procedure & Guidance Ratified April 2024