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Selby High School

Selby High School

Young Person's Arts Award Bronze

What does it involve?

The Bronze award comprises of 4 sections:

  • Taking part in the arts, 
  • Review an arts event,
  • Researching an arts hero or heroine 
  • Sharing your skills with others.

Section A - Arts Activity

  • Taking part in the Arts:

Choose a skill, art, drama, dance, music etc. and attend a regular group to develop your skills.  Set yourself a target and collect evidence to demonstrate how you tried to achieve that target.

Assessment Criteria
  • Introduction- why you chose your art, where & when you will complete it…
  • Targets
  •  Diary Log- photos/ art work/ scripts etc. with notes on each s session  (dated)  signed up-to-date by leader
  • Photographs
  • Evidence - Work produced in chosen skill area (e.g. genre sheet, own written scripts / annotated photos…
  • Evaluation of skill

Section B - Review arts event

  • Going to arts events

Attend arts events and review at least one of them sharing your views with your friends or publishing your review.

Assessment Criteria

  • Tickets to event
  • Own written review on what you thought
  • Discussion with others to share thoughts– recorded in writing
  • Evidence from peers on what they thought of your review
  • (Posters/ flyers/ Photos…)

Reflecting on being the Audience Checklist

Section C - Heroes/Heroines

  • Researching an arts hero or heroine 

Choose your arts hero or heroine, research them and present your findings and opinions creatively. Then share this research work with others.

Assessment Criteria

  • Own views on research
  • Presentation of this work- collage, ICT format, etc.
  • Share with others – their comments recorded in writing
  • Own views on research
  • Completed checklists for hero/heroine work
                                                                                Heroes & Heroines Checklist

Section D - Apprenticeship

  • Sharing your skills with others

Once you have developed your chosen skill you will share it with others through a workshop/lesson which you plan, deliver and evaluate.

Assessment Criteria

  • Aims of the session & Why you chose it
  • Resources needed & health & safety considerations
  • Plan of session- your lesson plan
  • Discussions recorded- meeting sheet if working with others
  • Comments from those you delivered session to
  • Evaluation of session- How it went, What you and others thought, Advisors comments, How to improve …
  • Photos
  • (Posters/ advertising)

Include a Contents page for portfolio at the front.

What's it worth?

  • Bronze is the equivalent of a GCSE D-G.
  • Silver is the equivalent of GCSE A*-C and can be done in lunch clubs once Bronze is completed.
  • You can also include the Arts Award on your CV to show employers you can work independently, creatively and as a leader.


Arts Award Work

As the Arts Award is an individual project as chosen by each student there will be award work that students will complete outside lesson time. For example, attending the chosen arts club and keeping a log of what they did, learnt, enjoyed, etc. alongside any evidence created or collected should be done on a weekly basis.

Arts Award Accreditation

Students work will be externally moderated in the autumn term following completion of the award.

If successful certificates and badges should arrive in December/January.

Check out the Arts Award website: