Values Curriculum & DIVERSITY Days at Selby High School

At Selby High School we really value the importance of equipping our students with the knowledge, skills & attributes to function as a successful citizen in a modern day World. With this in mind, Diversity Days have been introduced to supplement our Values Curriculum provision. The Values Curriculum addresses 5 key themes which we believe are key to the personal development of our students:

  • Identity, Equality & Diversity: Understanding diversity, showing tolerance and preventing bullying
  • RSE: Relationships and Sex Education
  • Future Aspirations: Promoting decision-making, exploring skills and qualities, and self-management
  • Active Citizenship: Being a responsible citizen, community values and respecting human rights
  • Health and Well-being: Understanding the importance of good physical, mental, social & emotional well-being

For more details on each of these themes, please refer to our Values Curriculum Map.

The aim of Diversity Days are to:

  • Build on our current Values Curriculum provision in school;
  • Continue to improve the personal development of students;
  • Streamline a lot of our existing provision to reduce the impact on lessons;
  • Enable students to see that the Values Curriculum permeates through the entire school curriculum and is not just limited to assemblies or Life Development lessons.

What will Diversity Days look like?

There will be 3 Diversity Days throughout the school year and this will involve the whole school following a collapsed timetable for the day – a ‘stop the clock’ day. Students in each year group will follow a programme of alternative themed lessons to address specific elements of our values curriculum in greater depth. An example of a Diversity Day can be seen in the table below:

Year 7 Enterprise Day:
  • Chocolate boxes
Year 8

RSE – Relationships & Sex Education

  • Exploring sexuality
  • Puberty & periods
  • Rights & responsibilities
  • Managing emotions: Breaking up (divorce)
  • Caring for your body
Year 9

Risk-taking behaviours:

  • YOLO (Theatre company)
  • Child abuse & grooming (NYCC Police)
  • Small steps, big difference! (NCOP)
Year 10

Healthy body, healthy mind:

  • Relaxation through Art
  • Yoga and the power of music
  • Steps to achieve good mental health
  • Exercise for endorphins
  • How to avoid exam stress in Y11
Year 11

RSE – Relationships & Sex Education

  • Forced marriage & marriage legalities
  • Gender identity & dealing with sexuality
  • Child sexual exploitation & pornography
  • Safe sex & pregnancy
  • Women’s rights, violence against women & FGM