Summer School

We hosted a very successful 2 week Summer School this year with students taking part in activities such as Art, Music, Drama, Spanish, Craft, Textiles, cooking, Maths and English. Students also had the opportunity to get involved with a wide selection of different sports.

This gave the year 6 students a taster of what they will do when they join Selby High School in September. But more importantly this allowed them to get to know the school, meet new friends and some of the staff and students. Each student who attended received a goody bag with all the stationary and equipment they needed to bring on their first day. 


Resources re Food Activities £419.86
Resources re Games Activities £547.37
Resources re Crafts Activities £1,754.00
Other Direct Costs £279.97
Cost of Providing Free School Meals £328.20
Costs of Providing Goodie Bags to All New Yr7 Students £4,427.00
Administration Costs/ Cost of Storage £168.23
Staffing Costs £16,020.20
TOTAL COSTS £23,944.83