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Exam in progressWelcome to the Selby High Exams page

Here you will find up to date information regarding school examinations

If you should require more information please contact our Exams Officer, Miss Jennifer Morley

Email: jmo@selbyhigh.co.uk
Tel:  01757 703327, ext. 836

2021 Results Booklet  Based on Teacher Assessed Grades
2020 Results Booklet
Based on Teacher Assessed Grades
2019 Results Booklet
This is the last set of official results based on formal examinations
2018 Results Booklet

2017 Results Booklet

2016 Results booklet
2015 Results booklet
2014 Results booklet  
2013 Results booklet 
2012 Results booklet

The latest school performance tables on the DfE website

Centre Policy for GCSEs Summer 2021

Ofqual Student Guide to Awarding Summer 2021

Assessment & Evidence Rationale GCSEs 2021

Appeals 2021

If you wish to appeal any of your grades you can do so if you believe that;

a) there has been an administrative error
b) there has been a procedural issue
c) there has been unreasonable exercise of academic judgement

If this is the case, you should complete the Stage 1 Centre Review Form and email this to admin@selbyhigh.co.uk. The deadline for this is 3rd September 2021.

A centre review will take place by 10th September 2021.

Following the result of the Centre Review you may request an Awarding Organisation Appeal. You should complete the Stage 2 Appeals to Awarding Organisations Form and send it to admin@selbyhigh.co.uk before 17th September 2021 (this is the deadline for centres to submit the appeals to the awarding organisations).

Appeals Policy for GCSEs Summer 2021

Stage 1 Centre Review Form

Stage 2 Appeal to the Awarding Organisation 

JCQ Student Appeals Guide

JCQ Student Handout


Important information for students

The JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) jointly represent all the main awarding bodies and produce documents that define the regulations relating to examinations.  If you do not follow these regulations the awarding bodies can take action against you and ultimately can stop you from being entered for any exams.

The following documents contain the main guidance and all students should make themselves familiar with the content so as not to compromise themselves in exams.  

Please pay particular attention to the information regarding Social Media.

Information for Candidates – Coursework Assessments 2021-22
Information for Candidates - Non-examination assessments 2021-22
Information for Candidates – On-screen Tests 2021-22
Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice 2021-22
Information for Candidates – Social Media 2021-22
Information for Candidates – Written Exams 2021-22

Year 11 Results

Results day is TBC

Year 11 Certificates

When all of the exam certificates have been delivered to school, we will write to you telling when and where they can be collected from.  This information will also be updated here.

Lost & Replacement exam certificates:

If you require replacement certificates, you will need to contact the relevant awarding body.  Please select the links below which will take you to the relevant websites to obtain guidance on how to obtain replacement certificates.