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Selby High School

Selby High School

Educational Visits

Selby High School prides itself on the diverse range of educational visits available to our students. We believe that off-site visits provide fantastic opportunities for students to extend their learning and enrich their appreciation of themselves, others and the world around them. Educational visits provide students with valuable experiences and memories that can last a lifetime.

Parental consent for visits

There are two types of parental consent that school will require depending upon the nature and distance of each visit.

1. ‘Blanket’ consent

This is gained annually. A medical consent form for educational visits will be sent home to parents/carers/guardians prior to the start of each academic year, along with the Student Data Record (SDR) form. This blanket consent covers all day visits that take place within Yorkshire & Humberside, with the exception of adventurous activities. Medical information for your child will be taken from the school data system, however, parents/carers/guardians will regularly be given the opportunity to update medical details and emergency contacts with each visit letter that is sent out. Please be aware that it is the responsibility of parents/carers/guardians to notify Student Services, regarding any changes to a child’s medical details. Student Services will then amend students’ records accordingly.

Blanket consent covers the following visits:

  • PE & sports fixtures
  • Walking to/from Selby venues including those sites used as part of the Year 11 leisure afternoon, Selby Abbey, Selby College, Selby Cemetery, Brayton High School and other similar local venues, including local primary schools.
  • Universities, colleges & schools
  • Fountains Abbey (history visit)
  • Helmsley (geography field study visit)
  • Theatres
  • Castles, museums & exhibitions (eg. Skipton Castle, Bradford Media Museum, Jorvik Centre, Great Yorkshire Show, The Deep)
  • Stadiums & arenas (e.g. Headingley Stadium, Sheffield Arena)
  • Wensleydale cheese factory
  • Xscape
  • Theme parks (e.g. Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Flamingo Land)
  • Plus all other local visits within Yorkshire & Humberside that do not include adventurous activities or a residential stay.

2. ‘Individual’ consent

For those visits which are further afield or include adventurous activities, a separate medical consent form will be required. This includes:

  • Day visits outside of Yorkshire & Humberside (e.g. The Clothes Show Live, Cambridge University)
  • Residential visits (e.g. Year 7 camp, Bewerley Park)
  • Visits abroad (e.g. Paris, Belgium Battlefields, Barcelona)
  • Duke of Edinburgh expeditions
  • Adventurous activities (e.g. mountain biking, canoeing, skiing)

** Letters will be sent to parents/carers/guardians with regard to specific visits and trips, other than those taking place in the immediate vicinity of Selby; included in the letter will be the timings of the visit or trip.


Please find below a number of useful documents and copies of letters that have previously been sent to parents/carers/guardians for those visits involving an overnight stay.

Useful Documents

Med 3 Self-administer form

Med 4 Medication already taken form

Medical consent form