Selby High School Vision & Aims


“Selby High School: Embracing Diversity; Unlocking Potential; Inspiring Learning”

At Selby High School we have the highest expectations for ourselves and each other, in our studies, through our personal development as global citizens, and in our preparation for future pathways.

Our vision is excellence for all.

School Aims

  • To create a safe and inclusive school environment, where everybody feels like they belong.
  • To celebrate the diversity within our school community, and to champion equality at all times.
  • To place the physical and mental wellbeing of our students and staff at the heart of all we do and encourage healthy lifestyles.
  • To support each other and work together to achieve our goals, understanding our role in the wider community.
  • To deliver a rich and varied curriculum which is engaging, challenging and enjoyable.
  • To offer an inspiring learning environment, with the highest quality teaching in all subjects.
  • To ensure students take responsibility for their own learning and make the most of all opportunities provided.
  • To encourage all students to take part in a wide range of activities, clubs, trips and visits.
  • To provide excellent advice and guidance on future careers and learning pathways, and to develop the skills that students will need in their future lives.
  • To develop the whole person by learning about social, cultural, spiritual and moral issues, and by celebrating democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and tolerance and respect for others.
  • To be responsible users of technology, including social media, making the most of what this amazing resource has to offer us.


“Excellence for all” is the driving force behind the 5 Year Strategic Plan- our decisions and actions will always be focused on ensuring that all our students, especially disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, achieve outstanding outcomes.  

Embracing Diversity; Unlocking Potential; Inspiring Learning: We will achieve our vision through ensuring the following:

Embracing Diversity

  • A safe and inclusive school environment which fosters a sense of belonging, where equality and diversity are celebrated.
  • A responsive approach to British Values and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural issues, providing regular opportunities for students to be leaders and role models.
  • The mental and physical wellbeing of our students and staff is at the heart of all we do.

Unlocking Potential

  • Carefully planned strategies are in place to ensure that all groups of students make excellent progress.
  • Positive and productive partnerships within and beyond the community support outstanding transition and aspirational future pathways.
  • We recruit and retain the best staff.

Inspiring Learning

  • A knowledge-rich, well-balanced, and challenging curriculum, supported by the very best facilities possible for the school and community.
  • High quality, innovative teaching and learning, built on evidenced-based approaches with a commitment to staff development.  We will inspire life-long learning.
  • A range of exciting opportunities beyond the classroom.


Three to Five Year Strategy 

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