Specialism in the Arts & Science

In September 2005 we were successful in gaining specialist status in the Arts, winning recognition for the existing excellent results and opportunities in the arts and also setting out exciting new plans and challenging targets for the future. A school where the arts are strong is a vibrant, joyful place where pupils gain skills and confidence which serve them well right across the curriculum and in their future lives. Upon gaining specialist status, a school receives additional funding from central government. At Selby High School this allowed us to redevelop our school hall, it has now become a 325 seat, state of the art, theatre venue. It is not only used as a performance area, but also for lectures, speeches and as a resource for the local community.  Gaining the Artsmark Gold award in 2010 also confirmed the breadth and quality of arts opportunities at our school. Our commitment to specialist status is reflected by all performances, exhibitions and concerts we stage, the activities students and staff participate in, the projects we undertake and the community and business links we develop. In September 2010, the school gained an additional specialism, science. Science was chosen as our second specialism as it allowed the school to offer a unique and broad range of specialist provision for our learners.

The aims of the specialisms are:

  • To raise standards of achievement in specialist subjects and whole school
  • To raise standards of teaching and learning in specialist subjects and whole school
  • To extend vocational choices and enrichment through links with higher education, sponsors and business
  • To be active partners in a learning society with their local families of schools and their communities, offering opportunities for enriching and extending learning experiences
  • To develop the capacity to provide high quality learning opportunities and outcomes for the wider community.
  • For offering our students enriched opportunities in extra-curricular activities.

Analysis of 2006 GCSE results shows that the specialist schools programme is having a positive long-term impact on secondary school achievement, with innovative and creative activities continuing to deliver substantial additional value to students.

Since 2010 it has no longer been a requirement for schools to seek re-designation. The School values our specialisms and will ensure that this special element of our school's provision remains integral to the Selby High School student experience. The specialisms enable the school to develop creative learning across the curriculum and to work closely with partner schools and the wider community, helping to raise achievement across the ability range leading to whole school improvement.