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Selby High School

Selby High School

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Religious StudiesReligious Studies

Contact details:
Name : Miss H Gibson
Position : Curriculum Area Leader
Email address :



  • To promote consideration for a spiritual dimension to life
  • To enable students to adopt an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to the study of religion
  • For students to explore religions and beliefs, reflect upon fundamental questions, engage with them intellectually and respond personally
  • To encourage students to reflect upon and develop their own values, opinions and attitudes
  • To enhance spiritual and moral development and to contribute to the health and wellbeing of all students
  • To promote understanding of different cultures locally, nationally and in the wider world
  • To contribute to social and community cohesion

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development information


In year 7 students study:

  • The meaning of Life
  • Expressions of faith
  • The spiritual journey
  • What is it like growing up as a Sikh in Britain?
  • What do Christians believe about God?
  • What do Muslims believe and how are these views reflected through salat and hajj?

In year 8 students study:

  • A chosen people; poisoned chalice or blessing?
  • Buddhism and the 21st century
  • How do Christians understand the Bible today?
  • Humanity and holy week
  • How do images of Christ help Christians understand their faith
  • Death- a new beginning

In year 9 students study the following subjects with the option to sit the full GCSE:

  • Religious attitudes to the elderly and death
  • Religious attitudes to drug abuse
  • Religious attitudes to crime and punishment
  • Religious attitudes to world poverty
  • Religion and animal rights
  • Religion and prejudice
  • Religion and early life
  • Religion war and peace

Clubs / Extra Curricular Activities, visits and trips

Additional GCSE classes take place Monday evenings in HR1 at 3.25pm and Tuesday lunchtimes. Our most recent trip was a trip to Selby Abbey.