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Name : Mrs H Harrison 
Position : Director: Values Curriculum
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Life Development Curriculum Overview 

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Sociology Curriculum Overview

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Curriculum Intent:
The Values Curriculum is where students learn valuable knowledge, personal skills & etiquettes that they will need to succeed as a respectful, active citizen in a modern World. Students will develop a sense of personal responsibility and to develop an appreciation of the diverse society in which they live. They will also gain an understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, and staying safe. The Values Curriculum is delivered across school under 5 key themes: Identity, equality and diversity; SRE: Sexual safety and relationships; Future aspirations; Active citizenship; Health and well-being.

At KS3 students follow a course that consists of a series of modules delivered in two, one hour lessons per fortnight in Year 7, one hour per fortnight for year 8, three hours per fortnight for year 9.

At KS4 the program is organised differently. Year 10 receive two one hour lessons per fortnight. Year 11 students take part in non-timetabled days, which are primarily workshop based sessions, delivered in conjunction with external organisations to provide students with both specialised information and unique experiences. In addition, Year 11 students take part in a weekly lecture based program that is delivered on a Wednesday morning during registration time with a primary focus on their future aspirations.   

Year Group

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7 Personal & Emotional Wellbeing: New Beginnings Physical Health and Wellbeing: Exercise and Personal Hygiene RSE: Puberty Social Education: Introduction to democracy Personal & Emotional Wellbeing Managing Emotions Social Education: Careers
8 Personal Wellbeing and Mental Health RSE Social Education: Building democracy Physical Health and Wellbeing
9 Personal & Emotional Health: Stress & Anxiety  RSE: Types of relationship, consent and pressure Social Injustice: Black Lives Matter Social Education: Human rights and dealing with prejudice Physical Health and Wellbeing:  Caring for your body
10 Personal and Emotional Wellbeing: Confidence and Mindfulness Physical Health and Wellbeing: Drugs and alcohol Social Education: Online literacy and responsibility RSE: Sexual health and pregnancy Social Education: Employability
11 Life Development is delivered via Drop Down Days, assemblies and form learning time.
Assessment Details No formal assessment is completed within Life Development for PSHEE
Wider curriculum opportunities Drop Down Days          Debating Club          Form Time          Assembly Themes

At present there is no examination course for this subject at Selby High School.

Clubs / Extra Curricular Activities, visits and trips
In addition to the comprehensive curriculum offered there are also three Drop Down Days throughout the year which involve the whole school following a collapsed timetable for the day. The aim of such sessions is to provide students with enriching opportunities to work with a range of specialist individuals to allow them to explore a range of issues in more depth:

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

Fri 15th November 2019

(Week 2)

Wed 4th March 2020

(Week 1)

Fri 19th June 2020

(Week 1)

Year 7 NYBEP Enterprise Day Science & Maths STEM Day Future Aspirations
Year 8 SRE Day Mental Health Awareness NYBEP Enterprise Day
Year 9 Risk: YOLO / Thinking about the Future Oracy Day Prison me? No way!
Year 10 Healthy Body, Healthy Mind (Sports Hall) Risk: Inside Out Discovery Day
Year 11 SRE Day Deep Learning N/A
Outside Restart a Heart

To further enrich the curriculum through both key stages, external speakers are invited into school to give specialised information as necessary. Partners currently include members of the Police and Fire and Rescue Services, School Nurse, NYCC Road Safety Officers and Selby Council.   

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