Physical Education 

Name Position Email address
Mr D Block Head of Faculty for Performance & Creative Arts
Curriculum Area Leader for PE
Mr B Sheehan Assistant Curriculum Area Leader for PE
Miss G Smith Assistant Principal
Miss S Johnson Director for Student Progress
Miss L Holt Teacher of PE & Progress Leader for Year 9
Miss J Strain Teacher of PE & Progress Leader for Year 10
Mr S Morton Teacher of PE
Mr J Thorpe Teacher of PE

PE Core Curriculum Overview

2021 pe core curriculum overview.pdf

 GCSE PE Curriculum Overview

2021 gcse pe curriculum overview.pdf

Sports Science Curriculum Overview

2021 sports science curriculum overview.pdf

Sports Studies Curriculum Overview

2021 sports studies curriculum overview.pdf


Subject Aims & Vision:
Physical Education at Selby High is built on the foundations of Unlocking potential by providing enjoyable and engaging learning opportunities both in curricular and enhanced curriculum time. Embracing Diversity through developing participation and success for all within appropriately challenging work. It is believed that pupils should be exposed to a wide range of physical activity so there is both breadth and depth to the curriculum to Inspire learning. 

All students should be competent in the skills and techniques of the activities offered and be able to compete in both adapted and full versions of the activities safely. Through sports, competitions at a range of levels in and out of school students develop their decision-making and resilience to success and failure. This enhances the student’s ability to complete these two skills in a range of life situations.

Self-organisation, Sportsmanship, Fair play and Teamwork are all vital aspects of PE teaching at Selby High School. They ensure all students have the capacity to abide by rules, work with others effectively and distinguish between right and wrong, crucial principles to succeed in today’s society. Pupils feel that their success is recognised and highlighted at a level suitable for them.

The PE department believes students should have the sports qualifications they need to continue through a career in sport no matter if they chose a sport based, vocational or sports science route.

Through our curriculum Intent we aspire for all pupils to understand that opportunity, combined with effort, can lead to success and achievement.

The PE department’s aims.

1.  For all pupils to understand that opportunity, combined with effort, can lead to success and achievement

2.  For pupils to achieve their full potential within an ambitious curriculum and enjoy their sport in a safe and positive environment.

3.  Continually develop practical opportunities and achievement for all pupils.

4.  For pupils to understand the fitness and health opportunities that exist in the local area, and know their role in the sports community.

5.  To develop competitive, fair and decisive sports people who show responsibility and respect at all times.

3 Key areas of PE Curriculum Intent:

Development of skills, techniques, tactics and their application through effective decision making and understanding of the activity. Be able to transfer skills fluently across NC areas. Show understanding  and application of rules and regulations.

Physical and Social Development
Physical and Mental capacity to overcome challenges, physical confidence to work independently and compete. Demonstrate empathy, respect and teamwork. Embrace a safe healthy lifestyle supporting continued participation in activity. 

Analysing & evaluating performance
Being aware of their performance, realise how to improve and plan/lead to rectify performance.

KS3 & KS4 Core
Please see the curriculum overviews below.

Exam Courses available in year 9-11
GCSE PE – following the OCR GCSE PE syllabus (3 year course)

OCR Cambridge Nationals Sports Science (3 year course & 1 Year intensive Course- Yr 9)

OCR Cambridge National Sport Science (3Year Course)

Extra Curricular Activities, visits and trips

  • All pupils have the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular sports & activities which take place after school & at lunchtimes. These change on a half termly basis.
  • Fixtures are played against other schools in netball, football (boys & girls), hockey, rugby, Handball, badminton. Additionally, we also take part in athletics, cross country & orienteering competitions.
  • Everyone is welcome to get involved whether it’s just for fun or to play for a team!
  • Year 9 Pupils as part of their enrichment programme can take part in a cycle maintenance programme and develop their leadership skills through the Sports Leaders award.