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ICT, IMedia, Business & Computer Science Curriculum Overview

computer science and business overview 2019 2020.pdf


Curriculum Intent:
As with Computer Science, IT skills are necessary within education and working life. Whilst the KS3 curriculum is focussed towards the National Curriculum for Computer Science our schemes of learning also embed software skills associated to the KS4 iMedia curriculum. Students gain an understanding of both PhotoShop and Illustrator identifying key tools and techniques which will, like Computer Science, allow them to be more independent and confident users.

Year 7 students have two lessons per fortnight and will learn basic IT skills in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Computational thinking skills, Microbits, Illustrator and procedural programming language (Small Basic). Throughout they are also taught how to use collaborative documents and cloud technologies.

Year 8 students have two lessons per fortnight and will learn PhotoShop, procedural programming language(python), Business Enterprise and Computer Hardware. Students also get the chance to sit the IDEA award which allows them to gain a recognised qualification in ICT.

What will I study?
This aims to enable students to understand pre-production skills used in the creative and digital media sector. It will develop their understanding of the client brief, time frames, deadlines and preparation techniques that form part of the planning and creation process. On completion of this unit, learners will understand the purpose and uses of a range of preproduction techniques. They will be able to plan pre-production of a creative digital media product to a client brief, and will understand how to review pre-production documents.

This aims to give students the skills and techniques to use artwork and imaging software to design and create effective graphic products for specified purposes and audiences. You will investigate a range of graphic products to find out how images are used to convey a particular message. Once you have a good understanding of the software, you will learn how to produce images that communicate effectively onscreen and in print.

You will demonstrate your ability to create effective images and graphic products through your work on various units set by OCR. This will include exhibiting your work and supporting evidence within a set folder structure.

What skills will I develop?
Students will learn how to express their creativity in an informed and responsible way whilst encouraging them to reflect on what they produce and strive for excellence.

This course places emphasis on self-learning and encourages students to learn about motivation and target setting whilst equip them with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to design and make effective digital products.

Clubs / Extra Curricular Activities, visits and trips
The IT facilities are supervised every lunchtime for students to catch up on iMedia or Computer Science work. The department is also usually open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 hour after school for students.