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Contact details:
Name : Mr J Smith
Position : Curriculum Area Leader Computer Science
Email address : jsm@selbyhigh.co.uk

Student Website : www.shscomputing.co.uk 


ICT, IMedia, Business & Computer Science Curriculum Overview

computer science and business overview 2019 2020.pdf



Curriculum Intent:
Computer Technology is taught in the Hemingway Suite at Selby High School.  Good IT skills are still needed in education and working life and these are developed alongside the new more technical computing curriculum.  The aim of the computer technology department is to make students independent, safe and confident users of IT, whilst promoting the independence and self-learning skills that employers seek nowadays.


Year 7 students have two lessons per fortnight and will learn basic IT skills in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Computational thinking skills, Microbits, Illustrator and procedural programming language (Small Basic). Throughout they are also taught how to use collaborative documents and cloud technologies.

Year 8 students have two lessons per fortnight and will learn PhotoShop, procedural programming language(python), Business Enterprise and Computer Hardware. Students also get the chance to sit the IDEA award which allows them to gain a recognised qualification in ICT.


What will I study?
A mixture of theory (to understand the principles and concepts of computer science), computational thinking and coding (how to solve problems, write efficient code and build working systems).

Topics include: - Computer Systems, Hardware & software, Data, Databases, Networks, Programming (currently python).

It provides opportunities for students to explore the wider social, moral, cultural and ethical issues associated with computer science and to develop as responsible computing practitioners.

What skills will I develop?
Computer technology continues to advance rapidly as does the growth in mobile devices and web related technologies. In summary students will;

  • acquire and apply knowledge, technical skills and an understanding of the use of algorithms to solve problems using programming
  • use their knowledge and understanding of computer technology to become independent and discerning users of IT, able to make informed decisions about the use of computing and be aware of the implications of different technologies
  • acquire and apply creative and technical skills, knowledge and understanding of IT in a range of contexts
  • develop computer programs to solve problems
  • develop the skills required to work collaboratively

Useful websites:
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