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Selby High School

Selby High School



Contact details:
Name : Mr G Bowell
Position: Curriculum Area Leader
Email address :


As a curriculum area our aims are to:

  • Give a commitment to providing creative, engaging and stimulating lessons to stretch our learners to the limit of their personal ability.
  • Provide an environment that is supportive and encourages challenge. We have a commitment to ensuring high expectations are upheld and that all students are driven in their engagement in their English studies.
  • Our passion is for all students to have enquiring minds, the confidence to seek a challenge and a lifelong desire to learn.
  • Endeavour to take risks when delivering English lessons to ensure they are engaging, stimulating and in turn encourage our pupils to learn and also take risks. Our skills based teaching will allow pupils to foster a greater independence in their work and ensure they are fully prepared for the new, more rigorous GCSE.
  • Raise the self-esteem and confidence of our students; this is central to our philosophy, as is promoting a love of language, literature and media. 
  • Encourage our students towards a growth mind-set and use challenging questions to deepen knowledge, appreciation and critical enquiry. In addition, we are committed to supporting all students with individual needs. We are committed to developing and deepening the literacy skills of our students to ensure they have the tools for success in the future.
  • Model excellence and give personalised feedback to enable all students to make good progress.
  • Commit to providing our students with exciting and valuable enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom.
  • Stretch and support our students to ‘Strive for progress’.
  • Encourage and support reading as a driving factor in success for learning.
  • Ensure all learners, regardless of background, ability or gender have the right to succeed.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development information

Course information/Programme of study

At KS3, students follow varied schemes of learning to both engage and support them with their progress in English.

Year 7 students will study:

  • Autobiography – me and my world
  • Holes / Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
  • Narrative and Ballad Poetry
  • Iqbal
  • Persuasive writing – Charity

Year 8 students will study:

  • Sherlock Holmes and Detective Fiction
  • Persuasive Speeches – The Apprentice
  • Shakespeare and The Tempest
  • Reading – travel writing
  • Writing to explain, describe and entertain – Travel Writing
  • Poetry and Performance – SLAM!

In addition to this, all students in Y7 and 8 will spend one hour a fortnight in the LRC developing key reading strategy skills, as well as having the opportunity to select, swap and read texts.

All lessons focus on developing the key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Students in Y9 will start their foundation year of GCSE although will not study any set texts for their GCSE until Y10 and 11.

Year 9 students will study:

  • The Woman in Black – writing to describe
  • Macbeth
  • Exploring creative and narrative writing (Linked to GCSE English Language Paper 1)
  • Freedom and Rights – analysing and exploring speeches developing the themes of freedom from oppression and succeeding through adversity. (Linked to GCSE English Language Paper2)
  • Freedom and Rights – creating a persuasive speech on a topic that students feel strongly about
  • Of Mice and Men

The English Department at Selby High School offers the AQA syllabus of GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature. It is our belief that all students study both courses as reading literature can offer appreciation and understanding of much of the foundations of our society. In addition, the study of GCSE English Language offers students to chance to develop their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills to a high standard, and prepare them for the demands of ‘real world’ situations.

As part of our KS4 studies students will access the following literary texts and areas of language study:

In Y10 students will study:

  • Spoken Language linked to themes of poverty, inequality and social class
  • Reading and writing non-fiction skills
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Blood Brothers
  • Poetry Anthology: Power and Conflict

In Y11 students will study:

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Reading and writing non-fiction skills in preparation for GCSE English Language
  • Exam preparation and consolidation for the set texts at GCSE English Literature

Clubs / Extra Curricular Activities, visits and trips