DanceDance & Performing Arts

Contact details:

Name : Miss L Holt 
Position : Dance Leader
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Curriculum Intent:

As a department our aims are:

  • To engage all in dance and performance
  • Create a fun environment to learn and explore
  • Provide plenty of opportunities for all pupils to perform in front of varying audiences
  • To expose all pupils to different styles of dance and how they relate to different cultures, and beliefs
  • To build pupils confidence when performing
  • To teach pupils how to be a member of an audience
  • To ensure all pupils enjoy performing, creating and evaluating dance
  • To build resilience amongst our learners when facing creative challenges in groups

Pupils will participate in Dance in year 8 as part of their Performance and Movement lessons, for one hour every two weeks. The Key Stage 3 curriculum aims to focus on the three strands of dance; creating, performing and evaluating. Lessons are structured to provide students with relevant themes and topics which expand their understanding of different styles and professional works. Students will study horror, the Charleston, Emancipation of Expressionism (hip hop), dance from across the world, street dance and spies developing creativity, technical and performance skills that will be relevant for further study into Key Stage 4.

BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance focus) is offered at Key Stage 4. This course is run over three years with the students developing their dance skills and techniques in Year 9, progressing onto the course units in Years 10 and 11. The BTEC will develop student’s knowledge of a range of dance styles, performance works allowing them to study, analyse and develop their understanding of how different dance works are choreographed from initial concept to the final performance and also exploration of their own ideas and creativity through choreography tasks. Students will learn practical repertoire from professional dance works; understanding the demands of a professional dancer working as part of a performance company and create their own dance pieces inspired by given stimuli.

Clubs / Extra Curricular Activities, visits and trips
Dance clubs run throughout the year for all ages and cover a varied range of styles and genres. Dance trips are offered on a yearly basis and aim to link with the BTEC Performing Arts course provided in Key Stage 4.
Selby High School is always looking to showcase talent, below are some of the opportunities you can be involved in:
  • Talent Show
  • Yorkshire Schools Dance festival
  • Christmas Carol services
  • Governors awards
  • School productions
  • Assemblies and end of term performances