Year 11 students kick off GCSE tuition with MyTutor

We’re really pleased to share the exciting news that this year, a group of our Year 11 students are receiving online one-to-one tuition in core subjects with MyTutor, to help get them ready for GCSE exam success.

The lessons are taking place in lessons, before and after school, supervised by members of staff and are designed to build confidence, reinforce classwork and fill in students’ individual learning gaps.

Through the programme, our students have been matched with top tutors studying at the UK’s leading universities. Lessons are hosted in MyTutor’s interactive online learning space, and are all recorded, so pupils can use them as a revision tool in the run-up to exams.

For more information, visit the MyTutor site to see how it works, or have a look at this video of MyTutor on the BBC.