Whole School Curriculum Aims

At Selby High School, we aim to deliver an ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum that is broad, balanced and dynamic, and prepares students for future opportunities, responsibilities and experiences.  Our vision of ‘Embracing diversity; Unlocking potential; Inspiring learning’ is at the core of everything we do.  We have high aspirations for all groups of students, explicitly planning to ensure excellent progress for students with Special Educational Needs and vulnerable groups. The curriculum is regularly revisited, and reshaped, in order to allow students to realise their true potential and to become happy, considerate citizens who make a valuable contribution to society.  Our curriculum is challenging, creative and well-rounded, covering the full range of national curriculum subjects, and providing a wealth of opportunities to learn and be inspired.

Curriculum Values Curriculum Aims- Our curriculum is designed to… Curriculum Opportunities
Embracing Diversity

Unlocking Potential

Inspiring Learning

  • Create a culture of high aspirations, ambition and excellence for all; 
  • Ensure all students are literate and numerate and embed a culture where reading is highly valued;
  • Develop considerate global citizens and promote a spirit of enquiry and engagement with current issues;
  • Celebrate diversity, tolerance and respect, and to challenge prejudice and discrimination;
  • Give all students a pathway to success- in life, learning and employment;
  • Promote participation in a wide range of curriculum experiences within and beyond the classroom;
  • Focus on wellbeing, build resilience and encourage students to lead happy, healthy lives.
  • Broad and balanced range of subjects
  • Values Curriculum (Life Development,
  • Assemblies, Diversity Days)
  • Personal Development Time
  • Ready, Steady, Learn
  • The Enrichment Curriculum
  • The Selby Challenge
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Trips and Visits
  • Student Leadership
  • Wellbeing Ambassadors
  • The SSC, The Bridge, The Key, The Hive and Interventions
  • Our daily interactions with students
Participation     Ambition     Enquiry     Respect     Resilience     Community     Wellbeing

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