Selby High School Arranges for Accident Victim to Meet her Three Good Samaritans

Three students at the school were able to practice what we preach with regard to treating others as you would wish to be treated yourself. They came to the aid of Mrs Shirley Wordsworth from Snaith, who having dropped her five year old granddaughter off for a swimming lesson at Selby Leisure Centre, suffered an accident while on her way to do some shopping.  Mrs Wordsworth had an extremely bad fall and suffered a severe fracture to her nose.

Having recognised the school uniform she contacted the school to ask if we could trace the students as she had not got their names before being taken to hospital by ambulance and wanted to say thank you.

After a few days and some detective work by the Principal’s PA Caroline Airth, we managed to track down Dan Elcock, Freya Whiteley and Charlye Mattinson who had not sought any recognition or praise for their actions. Dan, Freya and Charlye are pictured with Mrs Wordsworth who visited the school on Tuesday 10th January to thank them in person having recovered sufficiently to make the trip.

Paul Eckersley, Principal said “it was an absolute pleasure to welcome Mrs Wordsworth to the school and to acknowledge the actions of Dan, Freya and Charlye of whom I am incredibly proud”.