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Selby High School

Selby High School

National Poetry Day

Selby High School students were treated to a plethora of poetry on National Poetry Day. Throughout the day, every teacher in every subject started each lesson with a reading of their favourite poem. This gave students a chance to engage with and enjoy a range of poetry and ideas.

Poems read by different staff members included: If by Rudyard Kipling, A Time to Believe by BJ Morbitzer, A Trip to the Zoo Adine Cathey,  El Otoño (Autumn) by Julián Alons, Oinco Ratoncitos (Five Little Rats) , La Vida Según Quino Llife according to Quino) by Quino and Untitled by Bob Marley.

Year 9 students created a dramatic performance of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven in their English Lesson. Students had to create freeze frames of stanzas in the poem, create sound effects and read sections of the poem in their best gothic voices! Students then went on to create artwork for homework; one piece was a model of a life-size raven!

For National Poetry Day, the English Department ran an exciting contest across the school during form time. Pupils were treated to a selection of the English Department’s favourite poems… As well as a series of clues as to which poem had been chosen by which teacher.

Classes competed to see if they could identify which poem Mrs. Whittaker liked because it reflected her Northern roots, or which poem Mrs. Pickering had chosen because it spoke to her about the way time changes us.

Many staff commented that there was a really nice buzz in the corridors after tutor time. I was stopped by a number of pupils who asked which poem was mine. PE were really proud that they had displayed a poem about PE. In fact, they were most proud that they had found one!

Hopefully, these poems have inspired everyone who has taken the time to read them, as well as shining a light into the kinds of poetry that most inspire the English Department of Selby High.

Poetry Day Challenge 2015



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