Girls build Mobile Apps with the Stemette’s in London

On Monday 14th July, 10 year 7 and 8 female students were invited to attend a STEM event in London. The event was designed to introduce Computing and ICT to girls, and encourage them into a career in the field which is naturally very male dominated. Students worked with the Stemette’s and Accenture in a mobile app development workshop alongside students from Hammersmith Academy. This was an excellent opportunity to work with students from another school, collaborating using a new and innovative App development software. In mixed Selby and Hammersmith pairs, students had to develop an app for a shared brief – to create an app for the victims of a catastrophic flood in the Selby area. After a session of brainstorming, students created their own emergency apps some of which included forms, social networking feeds and maps. Students then presented their Apps to the Accenture Judges and each other.

Winner of the Grand Prize was Rebecca Towndrow’s group and the People’s Choice Award went to Charlotte Pennington’s group!

A very rewarding day for everybody involved. Students loved working with new software alongside industry professionals, and made lots of new Hammersmith friends!