Faraday Challenge

On Wednesday 2nd July The Design and Technology department at Selby High School hosted the Faraday Challenge. We invited 3 other schools to take part, with a total of 6 x Year 8 teams taking part.

The Brief  - "You have been challenged to design and create a prototype Smart Beacon which will be used to communicate information to cyclists. When used, together with other Beacons, along a route, cyclists will be able to identify a safe cycling route which they can use."

Once the brief had been set the groups spent the day designing and then manufacturing a product, which they then presented to a judge. The day was an opportunity to work on a number of technical issues and use a range of CAD/CAM techniques, the same as what is used in industry.

The day was a great success with all teams acting in a very professional manner, the organiser of the event said that this was the best group that she had worked with. Although the 2 Selby High School teams did not pick up any of the prizes they had some great ideas and well made products.