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Selby High School

Selby High School

Bubble Rush!

New Head of Hockney House, Stephen Hawksworth, ran the inaugural York 5K Bubble Rush on Sunday 20 September. The event was held on the Knavesmire in York and entailed running through bubble stages at intervals throughout the 5km course. Blue, yellow, green and red bubble mounds up to 5 feet high had to be negotiated leaving the competitors stained by the colours and covered in bubbles. Mr. Hawksworth said, “We were told to hold onto our children’s hands because the bubble mounds were so high. I think they might still be there if we hadn’t!”

Mr. Hawksworth claims not to be the fittest person around, but had a great time running with his family in order to raise funds for York’s St. Leonard’s Hospice.  “This is a great charity and wonderful place doing amazing work for those in need in our community,” he explained. “It also happens to be one of the charities supported by Hockney House so I’m thrilled to have made a contribution to the fund raising effort.”

If you want to find out more about the work done by St. Leonard’s Hospice, their website is -

Photo courtesy of The Press, York