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Media Studies Curriculum Overview

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Curriculum Intent:
Why study GCSE media studies? ‘Media’ is Latin for ‘middle’ and pretty much every piece of important information we get is mediated – that is, shaped and altered - by the media industry before it reaches our eyes and ears. You’ll get to understand this process and become a producer of Media in your own right if you choose to take this exciting and dynamic option choice.

To truly and effectively understand the world in which we live, we need to be alert and tooled-up interpreters of the messages we receive – and that’s exactly what we learn in Media Studies. The information we receive and the entertainment we enjoy form a huge part of the course: we study sitcoms, music videos, radio dramas, magazines, newspaper and websites. But the media has spread to other parts of our life – social media now plays a huge part in our social relationships, and our tastes in films, music, games and TV shows forms a huge part of our personal identities.

In media studies we learn how to accurately and alertly decode the messages the media sends us, whether through the consumption of texts we choose to enjoy, or through advertising and news which try to force their views upon us.

Being media aware is a critical skill for thriving in the 21st century so you can make informed choices about the way you learn, vote and live your life. In the Eduqas Media Studies GCSE you’ll study at Selby High you’ll learn all about the Media, and how to decode its messages to understand what it’s really saying, but more importantly you’ll learn all about the world we live in. And, using the great IT and media production tools available to you, you’ll also get creative and make a range of media texts by yourself and by working in groups, leading up to your non-exam assessment practical production coursework in Year 10 and 11.

Independent learning, creative thinking, co-operation and understanding of citizenship through the study of wider social issues...all of these are key skills and learning that are key elements of the media course.

Any job you can think of can be done inside the media industry, but Media Studies can set you on a dynamic path to an exciting and creative career via further A level, BTEC or University courses. At Selby High we give you plenty of opportunity to explore the possibilities by having links with professionals working within the media, such as university lecturers and advertising professionals, and, as you’ll see below, there are lots of exciting opportunities for you to extend your learning and love of the subject beyond the classroom.

WJEC Eduqas Media Studies GCSES

Component 1: (Exam, 40% of marks)
Film Promotion, Advertising, Video Games, Radio Drama (studied in Year 9)

Magazines and Newspapers (studied in Year 10)

Component 2: (Exam, 30% of marks)
Music videos and websites (studied in Year 9)

Sitcoms (studied in Year 10)

Component 3: (Non-exam assessment – Media Production Coursework: 30% of marks)
Completed in Year 10 and 11 following practice practical work in Year 9 and 10

Extra Curricular Activities, visits and trips in the last few years

  • Emmerdale Experience visit
  • National Media Museum visits
  • BBC Studios Tour
  • Aesthetica short film festival
  • Visit from advertising professional
  • Visit from University film studies lecturer
  • Game show production at University of York
  • Filming visit to Castle Museum, York in conjunction with Selby College
  • Visits to City Screen Cinema, York
  • Filming opportunities in school – talent show, school promotional film, school production.