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Improving literacy levels for all students at Selby High School is a priority. Literacy skills are essential for our young people to reach their full potential both in school and beyond into further education and the world of work.

Reading a wide range of different text is one way of enhancing literacy skills, we encourage this in school in a number of ways, through activities in the different curriculum areas for example and by providing all tutor groups with the daily ‘I’ newspaper to encourage both reading and discussion of topical subjects. To enhance and support the work done in school please encourage your son/daughter to read for pleasure by borrowing books from our LRC and to read these regularly.

Please see the links below for suggested age appropriate reading lists as well as a selection from a range of genres that are very popular at the moment.

Students can click here to access the 12000 books that are availalbe to read in the LRC through Eclipse.

Staff Book Reviews



The First Fifteen Lives
Harry August (2014)

by Claire North

 El Alquimista
(The Alchemist) 

by Pablo Coelho

The Boy That Never 
Was (2014) 
by Karen Perry

The Blood of
by Percy Jackson

Elizabeth is missing

Emma Healey

Reviewed by 
Mr Lewis, 
Deputy Headteacher 

Reviewed by
Miss Harwood 
Teacher of MFL

Reviewed by 
Mr Lewis, 
Deputy Headteacher

Reviewed by
Mrs Butler

Reviewed by
Mrs A Hindle

Ask a Librarian: Your guide to what's in the LRC

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Literacy Evening 2016 Resources

Reading Question Prompts

Reading Self Assessment Bookmark

Magazines, Journals & Newspapers in the LRC

All About History Making
Animal Action Molly Makes
Booked National Geographic for Kids
Cadet Sci-Fi Now
Caravan & Camping Selby Times
Christmas Magazines Sew
Crafts Simpsons Magazine
Digital Photography Society Now
Empire Sound
First News Teen Vogue
Geographical Magazine TES
How is works Wingbeat
I WRD About Books

Useful Links for students

Selby High School LRC  Bookbuzz
What should I read next?         Where should I read next?
Book finder Literacy games
Love reading Subject recommendations

Useful information for parents

Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one good poem, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As the quote above suggests, learning is so much more than what happens in the classroom.  One of the most effective things you do to support your child’s literacy is also one of the easiest: talk to them!

If you want some tips about how you can have a more focussed conversation with your child to support their learning, have a look at the activities suggested below.  There are also some nice activities you can easily do at home that will encourage and motivate students to use (and improve) their literacy.

Activities for Reading Questions for Reading
Reading Follow-up Activity The important of literacy

 Useful Links for staff

Using Twitter in the classroom          Rooted in reading 
Literacy trust

The Readability Test Tool                               

Geoff Barton