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Selby High School

Selby High School

Year 10 mathematicians enjoy Maths Feast!

Eight of our more able year 10 mathematicians took part this year’s Further Mathematics Support Programme Maths Feast. This is an enjoyable and challenging team competition testing mathematical, team-working and communication skills. Each year the format of the competition changes slightly so that the rounds remain interesting and exciting. Our students were split into two teams of four, trying to use the different skills of each individual to benefit the team.

This is the first year that Selby high has competed in this event, coming 5th and 11th out of 17 schools from around Yorkshire was a fantastic achievement. One of our teams won two of the six rounds and the other winning one round. The students all enjoyed the afternoon of maths applying their knowledge from lessons and learning new skills that they can use in later life.

A big well done to the 8 students that took part

Mr I Spence
Teacher of Mathematics