UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge

On Thursday 1st February, 70 students from years 9, 10 and 11 sat the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge for one hour. The challenge is aimed at exceptionally skilled mathematicians and the standard to gain a certificate is very high. To gain a bronze certificate required 48 marks, a silver 59 marks and a gold 73 marks. In year 10 and 11, a score of 76 marks means a student goes forward to the pink Kangaroo Challenge which takes place on 15th March. To be entered for this prestigious event is an amazing achievement. Certificates were awarded to the following:

Year 11 

Best in School and Gold
Jamie Critchley

Sam Trew
Ali Pascoe

Clare Nicholson 
Elin Noble
Els Harris

Year 10

Best in Year and Gold
Daniel Cooper

Matthew Gibson
Lucas Hayes
Isabelle O'Donnell
Nathaniel Mosey
Jasmine Brown

Harry Draper
Joseph Styrin
Alfred Golding
Chris Heaton

Year 9

Best in Year and Silver
Olivia Hunter

Holly Huntington
Ella Parsonage
Mia Bailey
Harriet Leetham
Erin Bradley
Taylor Whitehead

23 of 70 students gained certificates. Well done to all who took part especially those that gained awards! 

Jamie Critchley and Daniel Cooper have been invited to sit the pink Kangaroo Challenge on 15th March.