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Selby High School

Selby High School

Robot Club

The students' progress continues as they have now built and configured 4 working robots, having to trouble shoot along the way to identify faulty components and install the correct versions of software and firmware .

The latest photos show the students practicing their skid steer driving skills and remembering to swap left & right when the robot spins.

The arena will be used for competitive drive-offs where the current challenge, called Highrise, is to collect the most coloured blocks and build the highest tower within a time window.

Robot club will start again in September.







Report from June 2015

Since 9th June, students have been building robots from VEX IQ kits in the robot club running during P6 every Tuesday.   The robots arrived in kit form which had to be built into a working model from Meccano style components.  The motors and sensors have to be installed and programmed and paired with a remote control.  This club so far has promoted peer-learning and independent research to solve problem using the online FAQ’s and online support systems.  The next step for these budding scientists is to take part in block building competitions and program the robot to run autonomously.