Arts Award 2017

Following a visit from the Arts Award moderator on Wednesday 25th January, we are delighted that the 79 students who successfully completed their projects, have achieved success in qualifying for their Young Person’s Bronze Arts Award.

The students, who undertook the nationally accredited award in Year 7, developed skills in a variety of areas including photography, design, drama, art, dance and music.

Researching their heroes, including teachers, family member and celebrities, reviewing live performances and teaching their peers when passing on their arts skill are all part of the award and the moderator was very impressed with the final portfolios:

Congratulations on another very strong moderation. All of your portfolios that I sampled were colourful and creative and showed a real journey. Each young person has been supported through a real range of art forms, and has made some fabulous works of art. Your collages are wonderful, with real personality and detail of why this particular arts inspiration has been chosen.

Congratulations also goes to Y10 student, Daniel Toone who was awarded his Silver Arts Award, again with fabulous comments from the moderator:

Dan’s Silver portfolio has the clarity and skill of an excellent arts leader. It has been a real pleasure to mark and be walked through his Silver journey by his words and photos.

A huge well done to everyone.