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Selby High School

Selby High School

87 students spend a fabulous week at Bewerley Park Outdoor Education Centre

June 10th saw 87 excited year 8 students embark on a fabulous week long residential at Bewerley Park Outdoor Education Centre.  The students arrived in glorious weather and after a brief unpacking session and lunch, groups were instantly immersed into the vast range of activities. 

Each of the groups worked exceptionally well during the week with friendships and team work developing over the week.   Each student worked to their limit during the week and achieved some amazing feats; reaching the top of the ‘leap of faith’, zipping down the huge zip wire, not capsizing the canoe on the day long river trip, completing the gruelling mountain biking day trip amongst many others. 

The week was ended in style with the awesome end of week disco, by the end of the night the dining room was booming with great tunes and some unbelievable dance moves from students and staff! 

Overall it was another fantastic trip summed up well by one student as “the best week of my life”. 

Bewerley Park 2014 here we come!