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Contact details:

Name : Miss S Johnson
Position : Dance Co-ordinator
Email address :

As a department our aims are:

  • To engage all in dance and performance
  • Create a fun environment to learn and explore
  • Provide plenty of opportunities for all pupils to perform in front of varying audiences
  • To expose all pupils to different styles of dance and how they relate to different cultures, and beliefs
  • To build pupils confidence when performing
  • To teach pupils how to be a member of an audience
  • To ensure all pupils enjoy performance and movement.

Pupils will participate in Dance in years 7 & 8 as part of their Performance and Movement lessons.

In each year they will complete a series of lessons based on a variety of themes from the Haka to the Circus and Thriller to boy bands. Each year they will work on their ability to perform, choreograph and observe dance.
Year 7 will all perform on the stage in a performance afternoon, showcasing their class work and Year 8 will be given the opportunity to perform their Thriller dances to the year 7’s in the same afternoon.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development information

There are currently 2 GCSE subjects related to dance offered in KS4.
1: Expressive Arts GCSE: this is currently running in year 9 and gives pupils the opportunity to showcase their dance abilities and combine this with their musical talents as they compose and choreograph pieces themselves based on a series of stimuli.
2: GCSE Dance: This is offered in years 10 & 11 and is for those students who want to specialise in dance, this is a GCSE that credits pupils for their choreographic, technical and performance abilities as well as their appreciation of professional dance pieces.

Clubs / Extra Curricular Activities, visits and trips

Dance clubs run throughout the year for all ages
Selby High school is always looking to showcase talent, below are some of the opportunities you can be involved in:

    • Talent Show
    • Hi and Bye concert
    • Christmas Carol services
    • Governors awards
    • School productions