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Selby High School

Selby High School

World Book Day

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, students were challenged to find out about which books our Selby High School staff members loved when they were teenagers. Joint winners Elle-Sue Ross and Ellie Chappell, from 8M1, tracked down 56 of their teachers' favourite books and were each asked to choose a book from the list as part of their prize. Elle-Sue chose Miss Sewell's recommendation of 'The Final Empire' by Brandon Sanderson.

Miss Sewell said, "As a teenager, my favourite book was ‘The Final Empire’ by Brandon Sanderson because it was an unusual fantasy book that had an intriguing magic system that used metals. In it, the main characters band together to plan a daring heist to overthrow the evil empire, in a world that rains ash and where the elite live lives of luxury."

Ellie Chappell chose Mr Block's recommendation of 'Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers' by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.

He said: "The dry wit and humour from the characters in this book still make me laugh out loud today." 

Josh Cullen in Year 7 came third and won a book token for finding out 50 staff favourites.