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Selby High School

Selby High School

Memories are made of this
106 years and still counting, but can you help 

Selby High School is busy establishing a new archive of its treasured memorabilia that has been collected during the school’s illustrious 106 year history.

Miss Sarah Burgess, Subject Leader for History, is also the school’s archivist. She has painstakingly catalogued and time preserved each of the items.  

If you have any photographs or other items of memorabilia, such as magazines, reports, items of uniform, exercise books, newspaper cuttings etc. that you would be willing to let the school have or take a copy of, then please contact Miss Sarah Burgess either by telephoning 01757 703327 Extension 862 oemailing

In addition, we are trying to establish the first name of Miss H Longworth who was the Headmistress of the school between September 1953 and August 1960. Was it Harriet, Henrietta, Hester, Hannah or something else? If you know the answer please let Sarah know. This will be the final piece in the jigsaw of the names and periods of tenure of the school’s nine permanent and four acting Headteachers, to date, since the school was founded in 1908.


September 1908 – August 1919  Miss Mabel Booty
September 1919 – August 1946   Miss Isabella Merson
September 1946 – August 1953     Miss Ruth Okell     
September 1953 – August 1960 Miss H Longworth
 September 1960 – August 1973 Miss Mary Blake
September 1973 – April 1986  Mr John Darley
May 1986 – December 1986 Mr Geoff Lawrence (Acting Head)
January 1987 – August 1988 Mr Ian Rothery (Acting Head) 
September 1988 – August 1999   Dr David Squires
 September 1999 – August 2000 Mr David Crosthwaite (Acting Head)  
September 2000 – March 2003 Mr Robin Fugill
April 2003 – August 2003 Mr John Forster (Acting Head)
September 2003 -   Mr Paul Eckersley