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Selby High School

Selby High School

Inspiring STEM Event

Year 9 students welcomed STEMNET, the Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network on Wednesday 2rd March.  Corey Derbyshire, the STEM advisor for North Yorkshire Council organised for three STEM ambassadors to talk to students about the wide range of jobs available in this area. This is especially important in subjects such as engineering as in a few years’ time there may be more jobs that there are people to fill them.

The speakers were:

  • Dr Natalie Weldon: a Marine Biologist for The Stockholm Research Institute, based at the University of York. Dr Weldon does a lot of ecology research, for example looking at the effects of particles that come from skin care products when they get washed away and end up being consumed by marine life.
  • Lynsday Leddingham:  Currently studying for a PhD in Green Chemistry at the University of York.  She specialises at looking at catalysed reactions to make organic molecules.
  • Niall Gammon:  A Structural Engineer who does a lot of project based work. Some of the projects his firm have been involved with are constructing the 2012 Olympic Stadium and building The Shard in London.

Students really enjoyed the event and the outside speakers were very impressed with the quality of the questions they were asked and the interest shown in the topics.