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Selby High School

Selby High School

Homework 2014-15

Art 7 Elements of Art 19th Dec 2014
Art 8 Urban Art 19th Dec 2014
Art 8  René Magritte  12th Jan 2015
Art 7  Matisse  30th Jan 2015
Art  7   Hundertwasser  Friday 24th April 
Art 8 Giger & Mechanical forms w/c 1st June 
Design & Technology 7 Health & Safety w/c 15th Dec 2014
Design & Technology 8 Packaging Proforma w/c 17th Nov 2014
 Design & Technology Organic Food 2nd February 2015
  Design & Technology 7  Unique Bike Design Solutions  23rd February
  Design & Technology 7  Multicultural Fashion Study on a Country  w/c 18th May 
English 7 Holes w/c 10th Nov 2014
English 8 Private Peaceful w/c 10th Nov 2014
Geography 7 World Features w/c 8th Dec 2014
Geography   Migration to Europe

Newspaper writing expectations

 w/c 11th May 
Geography  8  Fair Trade Fortnight  5th March
Geography 8  Volcano Creation 

w/c 27th April

French 8 Unit 3 - Mes passe-temps w/c 10th Nov 2014
History 7 What is History? w/c 10th Nov 2014
History 8 The British Empire w/c 10th Nov 2014
History 7  Make your own medieval castle! You can use any material e.g. cardboard and paper or even make a cake! It can be based on any style of castle, either motte and bailey or stone. Try to make it interesting and original, think about adding decoration or trees or even people!  w/c 5th Jan 15
 History 8

 Students will be given a number 1-3 from their teacher, which will correspond with one of the sheets below. They will need to complete the tasks as on the sheet for their number.

Task 1 - How important was coal mining?

Task 2 - How important were roads and canals?

Task 3 - How important were railways?


w/c 23rd February

 History  7

The world:  is it flat or round?


Please read the information and answer all the questions PLUS complete one of the two tasks at the bottom of the document.


All work to be done on paper.

  9th March
History 8

 World War II

 w/c 15th June 
History 7


Use the two information sheets about the Plague and Great Fire of London to complete the activities on the task sheet in your books.


Task Sheet


Information Sheet - The Plague


Information Sheet - Great Fire of London


 w/c 15th June 
ICT & Computer Science 7 Various w/c 17th Nov 2014
ICT & Computer Science 8 Graphics w/c 17th Nov 2014
 ICT & Computer Science  Binary 12th Jan 2015
  ICT & Computer Science  8  Computer Hardware 19th Jan 2015
 ICT & Computer Science  8  Photoshop (Powerpoint version)

Photoshop (PDF version)

Students have also been given access to this document in the google drive on Realsmart


w/c 27th April

Maths 7 & 8 Various Various Autumn 2014
PSHEE 7 Big Changes 5th Dec 2014
Religious Education 7 Belief Journal 10th Nov 2014
Religious Education 8 Buddhism 10th Nov 2014
Religious Education  The Meaning of Easter   w/c 23rd March
Religious Education 7  Being British & Being Sikh

Resources to help with RE homework

Students should work at or above the RE attainment level stated on their tracker 1

 w/c 22nd March

Deadline now extended

Projects can be handed in after the Easter break

Science 7 Science Fair w/c 5th Jan 2015
Science 8

Living Body (Choose one from the 3 options.  For classes 8s/sc1, 8l/sc1, 8y/sc1, 8i/sc1 and 8c/sc1)

Desert Island or Elements or History of the Atom (Choose one from the 3 options. For classes 8e/sc1, 8b/sc1, 8h/sc1 and 8g/sc1)

w/c 17th Nov 2014

Data Handling

2nd February 2015
 Science 8

Energy in the home 

 w/c 11th May 
Science 8

Space in the News

w/c 13th July
Science 7


Reproduction Task 1


Reproduction Task 2


First Science lesson back in September
Spanish 7 Unit 2 - Vamos w/c 15th Dec 2014
Spanish 8 Unit 4 - En casa w/c 8th Dec 2014